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f64 - the New UK Resource for Analog and Large format photographers.




The site isn't live (as there's no links to it) - I need to cut the UK bias so maybe not use the URL in the header, I make ground glass focus screen and sell them world wided, same with restorations etc.


This is my main website lostlablours.co.uk my photography mostly - and the restorations are here


I'm thinking of a name for my Focus screens - Brilliant Glass is a competitor, another (no longer around) was Satin Snow - a great name as that's an apt description of ground glass,



Welcome to f64


A new website dedicated to Analog Photography and in particular Medium and

Large Format Photography, the use of traditional film, alternative processes and darkroom or digital.


f64.org.uk will be offering a range of products and services from Ground Glass

Focus Screens and Bellows through to a range of Films and Papers as well as

processing chemistry unobtainable elsewhere in the UK.


Products will be available through our Online store, see our News page for future details.