New Products

Ground Glass Focus Screens

 UK made Ground glass focus screens are now available in a variety of sizes at very competitive prices, sizes
range from MF and 5"x4" upwards, there's no maximum size other than your camera's requirements :D
A 10"x8" screen is £25 + P&P

Focus check screens are available for 35mm and medium format cameras.

Shutter Curtains and Restoration of Thornton Pickard shutters

New shutter curtains are available for a variety of sizes of Thornton Pickard roller blind shutters, curtain material
can also be supplied for large format cameras with Focal plane shutters, all sizes up to 5x7 Graflex Relex cameras
(approx 6ft in length).

We specialise in restoring Thornton Pickard shutters and can also restore cases, add new blinds and shutter cords,
and can also supply new paper speed indicators for the dial as well as new nameplates

Lens Boards

New wood lens boards for any camera and where possiblewe will match as closely as we can the colour and wood grain,

Black ((Ebonised) boards are avaiable on request.

Conversion Lens Boards

Use your Linhof/Wista, Speed Graphic etc lens  board with a different camera

First Surface Silvered Mirrors

We now offer first/front surface mirrors for older Reflex cameras, we can supply new or we will re-silver your original mirror


A wide range of Black and White developers, fixers, toners etc are currently available to special order.

Pyrocat HD is available in 500ml or 1 litre quantities (to make 50 or 100 litres working solution at 1+1 to100 water)

 Please contact for further details

Resources - Reference


Antique American Field Cameras - a website devoted to wood and brass wet-plate and dry-plate field view cameras manufactured in the United States between 1870-1930.

Antique and 19th C Cameras - Immerse yourself in the world of usable 19th century photographica. Includes a variety of rarely seen wood cameras, related history, and 19th century camera advertising.

A Large Format Photography Homepage - leading International LF Forum and a repository on the tools and techniques of large format photographyAzo Printing Techniques - Michael Smith and Paula Chamlee's excellent source of definitive information on the use of Azo papers with a great section on Pyro development of film.

Bromoil - The International Society of Bromoilists. An excellent site thatincludes galleries and useful articles.

Calibrating Dichroic Color Heads - article on using a dichroic enlarger head to adjust the contrast of variable contrast printing papers and preserving exposure consistency.

Digital Truth Massive Dev Chart - probably the world's largest film development chart. Maintained and constructed by Jon Mided.

Early Photography - an excellent site for users and collectors of early British cameras.

Large Format Lens Specs - a comprehensive list of old and modern large format lenses together with coverage and prices.

Large Format Lens Tests - an excellent series of large format lens testsshowing resolution for a range of old and modern glass

The Official Infrared FAQ - everything you ever wanted to know about infrared photography.

Old Timer Cameras Ltd - instructions books and parts.

Pinhole Photography - Justin Quinnell, of wheelie bin fame, gives the low down on large format pinhole photography.

Photosites UK - A directory of links to all things photographic in the United Kingdom.

Rodenstock Specs - Paul Butzi's resource with detailed factory specs.

Scanning Tips - scanning tips and hints, help with fundamentals and ther basic scanning information.

Film and Paper Manufacturers

Adox (Fotoimpex)


FujiFilm (UK)


Azo / LodimaPaper - Michael Smith and Paula Chamle can supply Lodima a paper which replaces Azo..

Bergger Products Inc. - European company providing various films, developers and papers with an emphasis on alt-process.

Bostick and Sullivan - provide a range of interesting technical papers together with links to other online resources. Specialising in alt-process and can supply just about all material needs

Fotoimpex - German supplier of Films, papers, Chemistry and Darkroom equipment.

Freestyle Photographic Supplies - US-based company offering a large range of papers film and chemicals. Great web site and colourful pdf catalogue for download.

Photographer's Formulary Inc. - Black & White photo processing kits and chemicals in any amount; located in the USA.

Process Supplies - London, UK, based supplier of films chemistry and papers,

Silverprint - London,UK-based company offering a whole range of papers film and chemicals and darkroom kit. Also supports alternative processes.

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Resources - Equipment


Cambo - has the distinction of being the first studio camera manufacturer to produce an all-metal large format camera. Formats include monorail 4x5; 8x10.

Canham - wood and metal field cameras: 4x5; 5x7; 8x10.

Chamonix - wide range of cameras,in a variety of formats

Cooke Lenses - Established over 100 years ago and still going strong. Now back making high quality large format lenses after a 50 year break!

Deardorff Historical Website - an overview of the great cameras that Deardorff made from 1923 to 1988. Each camera described in full detail. Lots of " How to's " Take a look !

Ebony Cameras - excellent professional flat-bed view cameras very precisely made using titanium and mahogany and will last a lifetime: 4x5; 5x7; 8x10.

Gandolfi - No longer making cameras but still offering a repair service.

GnassGear Photo Products - Uniquely designed equipment bags and pouches for large format photographers who travel and shoot in the outdoors. - a great resource for users of Speed/Crown Graphics and accessories.

Horseman - The Horseman L-shaped camera was the first camera of its kind to receive the G mark, the "Good Design Award" from the Ministry of International Trade and Industry. 4x5; 5x7; 8x10.

Kozik Cameras - aluminium kit view camera, with a full compliment of swings, tilts, shifts, horizontal/vertical filmback, interchangeable bellows, which is also compact, and rigid. 4x5; 8x10.

Linhof - Linhof precision cameras 4x5 and 5X7 and 8X10.

Lotus View Cameras - European Specialist for Large Format Cameras. Currently there are nine models: 4 x5; 8 x20; 5 x7; 12 x20; 8 x10; 14 x17; 11 x14; 20 x24; 7 x17.

MPP Users Club - the World Authority on Cameras and Photographic Equipment Manufactured by Micro Precision Products Ltd. of London, England and is the meeting place for all users, owners and collectors.

Rodenstock Lenses - Grandagons, Clarons, Sironars. Ronars etc.

Schneider Optics - includes all lens specs and a useful dating service for your glass.

Shen-Hao Cameras - a growing following for these great value for money Chinese field cameras made from teak and stainless steel with a Titanium option: 4x5; 5x7; and 8x10.

Silvestri Modular Camera Systems

Sinar - produced view cameras since 1947. Advanced features - depth of field scales, swing and tilt calculation, asymmetric and L-bracket designs - are all Sinar innovations.

Toyo Cameras - a range of view and monorail cameras including accessories: 4x5; 8x10.

Walker Cameras - Mike walker is a British manufacture of traditional wood and brass field cameras and the world's first ABS mould injected plastic camera: 4x5 triple extension and wide-angle versions.

Wista Cameras - formed in Japan in 1972, Wista sell a range of metal technical and wooden field cameras. Formats include: 4x5; and 5x7.

Recommended Equipment Retailers

Robert White Photographic Equipment - is a UK-based dealer for just about all the brands of currently available large format kit. In addition is both friendly, knowledgeable and very price competitive. Ships internationally.

Teamwork - ,major supplier of Large format equipment


View Camera Magazine - View Camera is the only magazine devoted to the large format photographer. Each issue has portfolios from large format photographers with Tech Notes, how-to articles, reviews of new and used equipment, and articles on alternative processes