Resources - Equipment


Cambo - has the distinction of being the first studio camera manufacturer to produce an all-metal large format camera. Formats include monorail 4x5; 8x10.

Canham - wood and metal field cameras: 4x5; 5x7; 8x10.

Chamonix - wide range of cameras,in a variety of formats

Cooke Lenses - Established over 100 years ago and still going strong. Now back making high quality large format lenses after a 50 year break!

Deardorff Historical Website - an overview of the great cameras that Deardorff made from 1923 to 1988. Each camera described in full detail. Lots of " How to's " Take a look !

Ebony Cameras - excellent professional flat-bed view cameras very precisely made using titanium and mahogany and will last a lifetime: 4x5; 5x7; 8x10.

Gandolfi - No longer making cameras but still offering a repair service.

GnassGear Photo Products - Uniquely designed equipment bags and pouches for large format photographers who travel and shoot in the outdoors. - a great resource for users of Speed/Crown Graphics and accessories.

Horseman - The Horseman L-shaped camera was the first camera of its kind to receive the G mark, the "Good Design Award" from the Ministry of International Trade and Industry. 4x5; 5x7; 8x10.

Kozik Cameras - aluminium kit view camera, with a full compliment of swings, tilts, shifts, horizontal/vertical filmback, interchangeable bellows, which is also compact, and rigid. 4x5; 8x10.

Linhof - Linhof precision cameras 4x5 and 5X7 and 8X10.

Lotus View Cameras - European Specialist for Large Format Cameras. Currently there are nine models: 4 x5; 8 x20; 5 x7; 12 x20; 8 x10; 14 x17; 11 x14; 20 x24; 7 x17.

MPP Users Club - the World Authority on Cameras and Photographic Equipment Manufactured by Micro Precision Products Ltd. of London, England and is the meeting place for all users, owners and collectors.

Rodenstock Lenses - Grandagons, Clarons, Sironars. Ronars etc.

Schneider Optics - includes all lens specs and a useful dating service for your glass.

Shen-Hao Cameras - a growing following for these great value for money Chinese field cameras made from teak and stainless steel with a Titanium option: 4x5; 5x7; and 8x10.

Silvestri Modular Camera Systems

Sinar - produced view cameras since 1947. Advanced features - depth of field scales, swing and tilt calculation, asymmetric and L-bracket designs - are all Sinar innovations.

Toyo Cameras - a range of view and monorail cameras including accessories: 4x5; 8x10.

Walker Cameras - Mike walker is a British manufacture of traditional wood and brass field cameras and the world's first ABS mould injected plastic camera: 4x5 triple extension and wide-angle versions.

Wista Cameras - formed in Japan in 1972, Wista sell a range of metal technical and wooden field cameras. Formats include: 4x5; and 5x7.

Recommended Equipment Retailers

Robert White Photographic Equipment - is a UK-based dealer for just about all the brands of currently available large format kit. In addition is both friendly, knowledgeable and very price competitive. Ships internationally.

Teamwork - ,major supplier of Large format equipment


View Camera Magazine - View Camera is the only magazine devoted to the large format photographer. Each issue has portfolios from large format photographers with Tech Notes, how-to articles, reviews of new and used equipment, and articles on alternative processes