Resources - Reference


Antique American Field Cameras - a website devoted to wood and brass wet-plate and dry-plate field view cameras manufactured in the United States between 1870-1930.

Antique and 19th C Cameras - Immerse yourself in the world of usable 19th century photographica. Includes a variety of rarely seen wood cameras, related history, and 19th century camera advertising.

A Large Format Photography Homepage - leading International LF Forum and a repository on the tools and techniques of large format photographyAzo Printing Techniques - Michael Smith and Paula Chamlee's excellent source of definitive information on the use of Azo papers with a great section on Pyro development of film.

Bromoil - The International Society of Bromoilists. An excellent site thatincludes galleries and useful articles.

Calibrating Dichroic Color Heads - article on using a dichroic enlarger head to adjust the contrast of variable contrast printing papers and preserving exposure consistency.

Digital Truth Massive Dev Chart - probably the world's largest film development chart. Maintained and constructed by Jon Mided.

Early Photography - an excellent site for users and collectors of early British cameras.

Large Format Lens Specs - a comprehensive list of old and modern large format lenses together with coverage and prices.

Large Format Lens Tests - an excellent series of large format lens testsshowing resolution for a range of old and modern glass

The Official Infrared FAQ - everything you ever wanted to know about infrared photography.

Old Timer Cameras Ltd - instructions books and parts.

Pinhole Photography - Justin Quinnell, of wheelie bin fame, gives the low down on large format pinhole photography.

Photosites UK - A directory of links to all things photographic in the United Kingdom.

Rodenstock Specs - Paul Butzi's resource with detailed factory specs.

Scanning Tips - scanning tips and hints, help with fundamentals and ther basic scanning information.

Film and Paper Manufacturers

Adox (Fotoimpex)


FujiFilm (UK)


Azo / LodimaPaper - Michael Smith and Paula Chamle can supply Lodima a paper which replaces Azo..

Bergger Products Inc. - European company providing various films, developers and papers with an emphasis on alt-process.

Bostick and Sullivan - provide a range of interesting technical papers together with links to other online resources. Specialising in alt-process and can supply just about all material needs

Fotoimpex - German supplier of Films, papers, Chemistry and Darkroom equipment.

Freestyle Photographic Supplies - US-based company offering a large range of papers film and chemicals. Great web site and colourful pdf catalogue for download.

Photographer's Formulary Inc. - Black & White photo processing kits and chemicals in any amount; located in the USA.

Process Supplies - London, UK, based supplier of films chemistry and papers,

Silverprint - London,UK-based company offering a whole range of papers film and chemicals and darkroom kit. Also supports alternative processes.