New Products

Ground Glass Focus Screens

 UK made Ground glass focus screens are now available in a variety of sizes at very competitive prices, sizes
range from MF and 5"x4" upwards, there's no maximum size other than your camera's requirements :D
A 10"x8" screen is £25 + P&P

Focus check screens are available for 35mm and medium format cameras.

Shutter Curtains and Restoration of Thornton Pickard shutters

New shutter curtains are available for a variety of sizes of Thornton Pickard roller blind shutters, curtain material
can also be supplied for large format cameras with Focal plane shutters, all sizes up to 5x7 Graflex Relex cameras
(approx 6ft in length).

We specialise in restoring Thornton Pickard shutters and can also restore cases, add new blinds and shutter cords,
and can also supply new paper speed indicators for the dial as well as new nameplates

Lens Boards

New wood lens boards for any camera and where possiblewe will match as closely as we can the colour and wood grain,

Black ((Ebonised) boards are avaiable on request.

Conversion Lens Boards

Use your Linhof/Wista, Speed Graphic etc lens  board with a different camera

First Surface Silvered Mirrors

We now offer first/front surface mirrors for older Reflex cameras, we can supply new or we will re-silver your original mirror


A wide range of Black and White developers, fixers, toners etc are currently available to special order.

Pyrocat HD is available in 500ml or 1 litre quantities (to make 50 or 100 litres working solution at 1+1 to100 water)

 Please contact for further details